About me

This website is the result of 30 years in the hobby!


I started model building when I was 10 years old.  The first model I built was an Airfix 1/72 scale Bi-plane.


The goal with model building is to try to recreate the world in minature, but in

very high detail.  This is something which machines struggle to do as the painting  side of model building, like using artist oils and pastels to achive a life-like grimy finish means model painting  has become an artform in itself !


This is why I love building tank models!  Every modeller has his own style (TANKSTYLE) of finishing a model.  


My favourite models are 1/35th Cold War armoured fighting vehicles, as these are some of the most widely used military vehicles in the world.  I build from WWII to modern AFV's with Russian and US Cold War being my favourites.  


I also like to assemble and paint figures, from 1/72nd to 1/4 scale.  These include military, fantasy, sci-fi and comic book figures.


Most AFV's take me around 9 months to build depending on extra detail I decide to add suchas scratch-built engines and photo etch.


Figures take 3 to 4 weeks to assemble and paint.